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Citrus Body Creme
Our Price: $5.00

A stimulating blend of Citrus like no other.  We combine Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, with hints of fresh Cucumber and Jasmine, and top it off with drops of Pineapple and Blackberry. We begin with a base of pure Avocado butter and add all-natural essential oils.  We preserve our product with Meadowfoam oil  - known for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Ur cremes have a non-greasy feeling, and contain no water to dry your skin.
Day Spa Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

This fragrance is a beautiful, mind-relaxing blend of French Lavender and Fir Pine, enhanced with Egyptian Jasmine, and sweetened with pure Vanilla.  Finally it is softened with delicate Musks to give it that "time escape" you deserve.
Fairy Fizzle Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

For that special little girl in your life....... We’ve created this one to smell just like Bubble Gum and topped it off with a dusting of beautiful sparkle to make her feel just like a magical fairy.
Citrus Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

Off on a tropical island you go with this beautiful blend of sweet orange and heavenly coconut. You will be surrounded with the sweet smell of sunshine, and provided with that much needed burst of energy. Orange peel is topping this one off to provide an extra boost of Vitamin C.
Lavender Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

Everyone's favorite is now prettier than ever. We start off with Hungarian Lavender essential oil to present to you the smoothest of our Lavender collection. We then add almond oil and blend with Lavender Buds for texture. Aromatherapy at its best!!
Lip Balm - Cherry
Our Price: $5.00

Keep your pucker perfect with our Cherry-Berry Lip Balm.  Tinted slightly with a shade of pink and flavored with a touch of Cherry and Mint - this product is a must!
Lip Balm - Mint
Our Price: $5.00

Keep your pucker perfect with our Mighty-Mint Lip Balm. Packed with a double dose of mint essential oils for that tingling sensation you will love!
Peppermint Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

Cool your body and give yourself a little tingle with this burst of Peppermint Bath Fizzie.  Sure to refresh you and kick-start your evening.
Lettuce Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

Who can resist the smell of green grass freshness coupled with a crisp spring breeze - that's Lettuce!  Purple straw flower is topping this one off to provide an extra color for your mood!
Gardenia Chamomile Bath Fizzie
Our Price: $5.00

How pretty this one will make you smell and feel.  Yellow in color with the beautiful combination of Gardenia and Chamomile. Topped with blue delphemium petals - my sister's favorite!
Nature's Bath is very proud to announce our products have been accepted by the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. READ MORE
Nature's Bath is very proud to announce our products have been accepted by the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild. READ MORE